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New York is the “to do” capital of the world,  where there’s always exciting things to do: work things, adventure things, and just overall life things.

It’s fine when nature calls if you’re at home, at work or in a restaurant. But what about all your stops in between? What then? 

NYers have been conditioned to accept hustling for, of all things, a restroom! 

Sneaking into a coffee shop; running to the third floor of a department store and being told to buy something you don’t want just to use a restroom. And then after all that, the restroom you find could be cess pool of filth. Some people understandably just choose to hold it until they get home and hope for the best. 

New York, we can do better. 

Allow us to re-introduce ourselves...

Pottyallthetime was founded on the Lower East Side in 2017 on the principal that every NYer should have a go-to place to relieve themselves while enjoying the city’s neighborhoods on the go, for work or play.

We don’t mean just a handful of places. We aim to supply 150+ units across all five boroughs along busy streets and points of interest.  You’ll never need to ask, “where can I go?” You already know.

Each unit is assigned a full-time attendant to accept payment and offer assistance. 

Customers will have access to GPS-enabled mobile tracking to locate the unit nearest to them to use. Subscribers can flash their membership credentials on their smartphone for immediate access. No need for cash.

Each unit will also have phone charging capabilities.... because life happens!

And unlike any restroom in New York, our attendants clean our units after each use so you get a fresh Pottyallthetime, every time. Guaranteed!

And the cost? Members can enjoy unlimited access to all units across the five boroughs for only $19/year* — around  $1.50/month.

Of course we offer complementary service to children, nursing mothers and the homeless.

So let’s put an end to public urination. Let’s promote and support a healthy, sustainable quality of life upgrade that we all deserve.  Click on our menu to subscribe to Pottyallthetime to enjoy the perks of membership. And refer a friend so we can finally bring civility and humanity in solving our need for mass accessible public restrooms in our city. Thank you!

- Founder, Ron Scott

* Early bird special

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*for the safety of our operators, no cash transactions accepted

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Toll Free Number : 1-844-POTTY-ALL
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