In 2017, Potty All The Time was conceived in New York to improve the lives of the TLC/FHV driving community by providing mobilized, convenient, clean and reliable public restrooms

When nature calls, call our toll free number 1-844-POTTY-ALL to coordinate a rendezvous with a Potty unit, or follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to see if we’re already in your area. Or, if you see us riding by, just hail us by yelling “Hey Potty Man!”

PATT is a green service. Powered by clean pedaling humans on tricycles, we utilize the environmentally sustainable Nature’s Head composting toilet that uses no water or chemicals and creates zero sewage.

And thanks to our exterior surveillance camera and interior tablet monitor, you can relieve yourself with peace of mind while checking on your nearby car for approaching meter maids.

Lastly, we are the ONLY public restroom in NYC that guarantees we thoroughly clean our stalls after each use to ensure the best experience for every customer, every time—all for our low introductory rate of only $3 per use.

NYers work hard and deserve the dignity of being spared witnessing—or risk engaging in—episodes of public urination.

So whether you drive for Uber, Lyft, Yellow Taxi or none of the above, KNOW where you can GO: Potty All The Time. We deliver the relief you need.

—Potty All The Time

* For the safety of our operators, no cash transactions accepted


Toll Free Number : 1-844 – POTTY-ALL

(768 – 8925 )